Augumented reality (AR app)

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AR APP (Augmented Reality App)

Through this App students can scan the text book pages and the animations & interactivity will
come live into your mobile phones and enjoy this new digital technology.

Animated Content

1.) Chapter wise video explanation in video format
2.) Voice over
3.) Interactivities: easy to do exercise with more fun

Requisites to download the App

1.) A smart phone with an authentic Google play store
2.) An internet connection with minimum 3G speed
3.) Download the publisher App from Google play store, details are in your book
4.) Need to go for signup or you can skip
5.) Here you get Book Library where you can find your books and download it
6.) Your all downloaded book will be in My Book Section
7.) Click on your book you will find scan button, open your hard book and scan the page
8.) Now enjoy new era of digital world

Advantage of this App

1.) This AR app need internet to scan the pages
2.) Can integrate games
3.) This concept is easy to understand and memorize the things very long last.