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3d Simulation

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This App is basically for students, through this App they can download the books from server,
best part of this App is it needs internet only one time at the time of download after that you
can explore and enjoy your whole animated book without internet.

Animated Content:

1.) Chapter wise video explanation in video format
2.) Voice over
3.) Interactivities: easy to do exercise with more fun
4.) Educational games for kids
5.) Tools for easiness like Indexing, sticky note, highlighter, etc

Requisites to download the App

1.) A smart phone with an authentic Google play store
2.) An internet connection with minimum 3G speed
3.) Download the publisher App from Google play store
4.) Once App is open, click on addon button top right, scan the QR code from book
5.) Your book will download in 2-3 min
6.) Tap on the book and enjoy the amazing digital experience

Advantage of this App

1.) Best part of app is after download there is no need of internet, it works offline
2.) Integrated with educational games
3.) Where ever you go take all the books in your pocket
4.) This concept is easy to understand and memorize the things very long last time.